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The Optical Shop at Rockingham Eye Associates is available to ensure that you receive the attention, service, and highest quality eyewear products to complete your overall eye examination. We offer eyewear that provides value in all price ranges that can enhance your vision as well as your appearance.

At Rockingham Eye Associates, our optical shop is convenient for ordering your glasses or contact lenses immediately after your eye examination. We also fill optical prescriptions from other eye doctors.

Most eye-glass orders can be filled in five to ten business days. Our experienced staff will advise and assist you in making the frame and lens selections that are best suited to your needs and desired appearance.


The Optical Shop carries hundreds of frames to fit your needs, including non-prescription sun wear. Our frames are selected to offer exceptional value in every price range from budget to top designers.


Lenses from the Optical Shop at Rockingham Eye Associates are always first quality and are sourced from Essilor and other fine laboratories. Essilor Laboratories, originator of Varilux® progressive bifocals, is recognized as one of the very best optical lens manufacturers in the country.

Standard Lenses
Standard lenses are usually manufactured from CR-39 plastic and are scratch coated only on one side. They may be tinted the color of your choice.

Premium Lenses
Premium lenses are made of materials that allow the lightest weight finished lenses. These lenses are typically coated on both sides for scratch resistance and glare reduction and can be custom color tinted.

Photochromic Lenses
Photochromic lenses are a popular option for people who want glasses that darken outdoors automatically. Transitions® lenses are the market leader in this type of lens. Traditional photochromic lenses don't function well as driving glasses, but work fine for general use.

DriveWear® Outdoor Lenses
The DriveWear® outdoor lens is a rather unique photochromic product that was specifically developed as a driving lens to auto-darken outdoors or inside an automobile. These outdoor lenses work quite well for this purpose but are too dark for continual indoor use.


Glass or Plastic Lenses
Glass lenses are available by request or for special applications but are heavy and breakable. The CR-39 plastic lens is by far the preferred lens material over glass because of its reduced expense and lighter weight.

High-Index Lenses
Optional high-index materials are available in both plastic and glass. Plastic is again the preferred material due to its lighter weight. High-index lenses may create some distortion in certain prescriptions but overall is a cosmetically desirable choice for high-power prescriptions.

Polycarbonate Lenses
These lenses are generally recommended for light weight and excellent impact resistance but must be hard coated to resist scratching. This is a good lens choice for athletes and children.


Bifocal and Trifocal Lenses
Flat-top bifocal (with line) and trifocal (with lines) lenses are the standard in the optical world. They are available in standard and wide widths. Full width "Executive Bifocals" are available but are quite expensive and heavy, and in many ways are less desirable than wide flat-tops.

Progressive Lenses
Varilux® brand progressive lenses (no line) provide full-range vision correction. These lenses provide consistent high quality and value for our patients while providing the benefit of natural vision with a youthful look.


Tints are available in a variety of colors, gradients and intensity for a stylish look and protection against light sensitivity. All plastic lenses may be tinted, but once hard coats are applied, the tint is permanent. Glass lenses must be ordered with the tint color and density desired and may not be altered after manufacturing.

Transitions Lenses
These lenses are made of plastic photosensitive material that quickly darkens in sunlight and clears indoors so you don't have to switch between glasses and sunglasses. They are suitable for all-around use but do not fully darken inside an automobile.

Polarized Lenses
Polarized lenses are only available in sunglass prescriptions and are used to significantly reduce glare. Polarized products are available in fixed density and variable density tints as in the DriveWear® product. DriveWear® is our premium prescription sunglass lens for outdoor and driving use. They do not lighten enough for indoor use.

Anti-Reflective Treatment
Anti-reflective coating technology decreases annoying reflections and halos around lights, a safety benefit for those who drive at night. Also, the coating reduces eye strain for those who work with bright computer screens or under fluorescent lights. Additionally, it makes the lenses in glasses frames "invisible" and is appealing for cosmetic reasons.

Described above, DriveWearŪ is our premium prescription sun wear lens because it is both photochromic (variable tint) and polarized for superior glare reduction. It is also available as a progressive-multifocal lens.


Please tell us about your job and activity requirements when deciding on lenses. Special lenses can be ordered for specific activities such as sewing, golfing, scuba diving, piano playing, computer and occupational needs.


The Optical Shop at Rockingham Eye Associates guarantees your frames and lenses against manufacturer's defects for one full year. Crizal® coated lenses are covered under warranty for two years.

Lifetime adjustments and minor repairs are free for eyewear purchased at Rockingham Eye Associates. Two years is considered a lifetime on a frame.