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Fitting for contacts

Rigid Lenses

Rigid lenses are now used primarily for special purposes only and are not routinely prescribed. They deliver clear crisp vision but are not as comfortable as soft lenses.

Soft Lenses

Soft lenses are considerably more comfortable to wear but vision through them is not as crisp as rigid lenses. The vast majority of lenses worn today are of the soft type. Soft lenses are available to fit most applications. A spherical lens is the most common type used. The toric lens is used to correct astigmatism. The multifocal lens is used to correct for reading as well as distance vision.

While there are many different manufacturers of soft contact lenses, Rockingham Eye Associates prefer to prescribe the Acuvue® family of lenses. The Acuvue® lenses fit most patients' requirements for comfortable fit, visual performance and safety. Additionally, Acuvue® lenses are available worldwide and are attractively priced to provide outstanding value for our patients.

Why consider contact lenses?

Contact lenses are a desirable and convenient method of visual correction in today's world. They are comfortable, safe and allow the same type of visual freedom available to people who undergo surgical correction. Visual freedom is attained without permanent alteration of the eye. They are the preferred method of optical correction for people who wish to avoid the inconvenience of glasses.

What types of activities may be enhanced by contact lens wear?

  • social activities
  • computer related activities
  • individual or team sports
  • hunting or fishing
  • reading, sewing or playing cards
  • snow sports

What can be expected in the fitting process?

The fitting process is very important to ensure that the lenses fit you properly, provide you with good vision and are comfortable and safe to wear for your personal situation. We carefully choose the most appropriate cleaning system and lens wear schedules to fit each person's lifestyle. For your convenience, recommended lenses may be purchased from the Optical Shop at Rockingham Eye Associates and in addition, patients will be supplied with a copy of their contact lens prescription and solution choice for purchase elsewhere. Our goal for each of our contact lens patients is a safe and successful contact lens experience.

What could go wrong wearing contact lenses?

As much as the initial fit is important to a successful contact lens experience, the yearly check-up is equally important to the continued success and safety of contact lens wear. While being worn, a contact lens is a medical device that is in constant contact with the surface of the eye and surrounding tissues. All eyes are affected by contact lens wear to varying degrees, depending on the overall health of the individual's ocular tissues, the lens material, fit, and the wearer's following of the maintenance program. Contact lens problems may range from simple annoyances to irreversible loss of sight. Contact lens problems usually show up as blurred vision, burning, or eye pain. For this reason, contact lens wearers who can't function or see without contact lenses, must have a back-up pair of glasses to use when contact lens wear is not safe or is uncomfortable.

The yearly contact lens examination is specifically designed to proactively evaluate, diagnose and treat ocular problems before they adversely affect safe contact lens wear.

Each part of the contact lens program at Rockingham Eye Associates, from initial lens fit to continuing follow-up care, is designed to improve your contact lens experience.